domingo, 30 de julio de 2017

My Work Bag

Everyday we go to work and we need our essentials to survive another day.
I am out all day, it means that normally I take a lot with me (I always do, I am not gonna lie) and with a handbag is complicated. I HATE when my bag is too heavy or full.

I had this problem everyday, so I decided to buy a backpack. The question was: Which one?

I was searching one since months ago: it should be functional but cute because I wanted (and want) use it not just to go to work and that was the difficult part. But this week, I, finally, found it and I was (am) too excited that I wanted (want) to share it with all of you.

It was (is) love at first sight. 
Perfect size and enough pockets to keep everything organized. As you can see, it can be carried in two different ways; that means: functional.

The design is precious: flowers and birds in a classic print. I feel me so identificated with it... I just love it. 
Functional and cute; what can a fashionista like me ask for?
Now it is easier going to work and take all my stuff for the whole day with me. I don't feel it too heavy and I can use it everyday (and not just to work ;D)

lunes, 13 de marzo de 2017

My Daily Routine

Hello everybody!

Today I will show you how is my daily routine. My skin is extremely dry and sensitive (with redness). That's why I need take care of it every moment.

We can start with mornings:

After breakfast, I wash my face and I use the SKINDRINK Facial Moisturiser from LUSH (picture down below). It hydrates perfectly my skin and is 100% organic. I LOVE IT. 
Then I use the High Definition Primer from NYX. I use it not for a long time ago but I really like how my skin looks like after it.

Now my skin is ready for make up. I've always used foundation but my  skin, apparently, isn't agree. So... I use just BB Cream, exactly the BB Cream (light skin) from Garnier. I am so happy with it; obsessed.

I don't use it everyday because I don't think that I really need it but, anyway, it's make up. After the BB Cream comes the Super Stay 24 concealer. I normally use it after a hard day of work or when I didn't sleep well.

When I am ready with this it's time to the Nude Illusion Loose Powder from Catrice. It is transluced powder and I put it under my eyes so my concealer last all day. They are really good.

Now I use another powder with a little bit of color (my skin is just too white). I have the Super Stay 24 Powder from Maybelline (I think mine is no more on store because I can't find it on the website).

After the powder I put directly my mascara (for work I don't like use a lot of make up). My daily mascara is also from Maybelline and it called Great Lash . I love it. I think that for everyday it is really good and so pigmented.

When I'm ready with my make up, I use the Makeup Setting Spray-Matte from NYX. It's the best for my make up and a day with a lot of work. My make up stays perfect all day and I really appreciate it.

And now I can go to work and do my best looking natural and perfect.

At night...

After a long day my skin is the worst thing ever. It needs hydratation and a lot of love and cares. The Lush products have all the things I search for my skin. They are organic and don't test with animals. So, PERFECT.

First, I remove my make up and then it's time to use the Angels Bare Skin cleanser. It's a solid cleanser. It's easy to use and after that my skin isn't dry. I use it everyday because it's not dangerous for my skin.

Then I use the Eau Roma Water spray also from Lush. It smells very well and feels so fresh in my skin. Sometimes I don't use the cleanser (it's okay when you have a 'rest' day) but I always use the spray. It's relaxing too.

And finally I use again the SKINDRINK  before I go to sleep. So my skin can take a rest after the day.

And then I am ready to go to sleep. :-)

I hope you enjoyed this post. We read us soon ;-)


domingo, 29 de enero de 2017

Weekend Haul

Hello everybody!
I am back with another post. I've never done a haul before but I wanted to show you the things I bought yesterday.

The first one is the lipstick from MAC 'Velvet Teddy'. I am obssesed with it. You can wear it everyday, everytime. Party, dinner, work... The color is natural and so beautiful. Honestly is one of my favourites lipsticks. ( 20€ )

I really appreciate Lush for it work and the idea of natural products without proving on animals. Their products are really amazing. I use them since not a long time ago but I'm sure I will use them longer. This exactly is the Charity Pott, it's a hand-body cream which smells to Vanilla and I am obssesed with it. My skin has always a lot of problems with beauty products but this one maintains my hands perfectly hidratated. ( 5€ )

I've never bought something from Fossil before but I needed a new clock and they have amazing sales there. I saw this pretty Gold-Rosé clock ( model Stella ) and I fell in love at the moment. And the best thing was the 20% extra sale. I couldn't resist and I get it for only 77,60€.

I have a small ( but perfect ) Michael Kors and the only problem that I have with it is that my 'everyday' wallet is too big for it ( I have just 2 wallets and they have the same size ) and I wanted one only for that handbag. I love the bags from Parfois and I saw this one with the same color that my MK and after thinking about it, I bought it for 14,99€.

Miracles exist and one of them it's called 'Take the day off' and is from Clinique. It's a cleaning balm. It takes your make up off without problems. You have to use your fingertips to massage the balm over your skin. Thanks Clinique for creating magic. ( 30,99€ )

I have to say I wasn't looking for a bag but sales are amazing and the destiny wanted too. There was a 40% extra sale and this bag was there. I couldn't resist and I get my first Valentino handbag ( model Damentas ). I think it is perfect for a dinner, a date with friends, shooping... It is very simply, and the colors are neutrals. You can wear it easily and it is a medium-small size. I love it. ( 38,99€ )

I hope you enjoyed this post. We read us soon ;-)


domingo, 8 de enero de 2017

My favorite Outfit for Winter

Yesterday I went to the cinema to finally watch Star Wars: Rogue One. Here in Germany it's really cold for a Spanich girl so, I had to find the best combination for the cold and not too warm to the cinema.
I didn't want too much complications, so I went for the easy way and took one of my favorite winter Outfits.

It's the most easy Outfit that I have for winter: an old nightshirt from Oysho that I use like a normal shirt, termo-leggings from Forever 21 ( sometimes I wear it with black high waist jeans ) and my winter boots from Deichmann ( a shoes shop that I really love here in Germany ).

My shirt is 3 or 4 years old and, of course, I didn't find it anymore but I have a lot of alternatives which you can use too.

My termo-leggins are from Forever 21, I bought it last year but there aren't anymore so, you can wear the original leggings. For example, this one is from Forever 21 too. I am so happy with them. They are really comfortable and it cost just 4€ .

And the best boots for winter are this babies from Deichmann. My feets are warm all day and they are really cute :-)

Sometimes I mix this Outfit with another shirt or another shoes and details:

Same shirt but another shoes. I wear my leather Vans Old Skool all black. I love them.

They are not the same one but are so similar. 

When I wear the Vans I really love to wear a socks that match with the shirt. My socks have a bow which you can see with the shoes but the important thing is matching the colors.

Mine are from Calzedonia so I tried to find some from the same place. They are the same but without the bow.

And finally, when it's too cold, I wear a beanie. I like wear them. I think they are cute and can get a better Outfit.

I am a freak about cats so, I really need this beanie from Forever 21. This one is from last year and you can't find it anymore ( frustrating ) but you can wear every black beanie that you want.

I like this one too. I think it's really cute and the pom-pom isn't real fur; that's important too.

That's all about my favorite winter Outfit.

I hope you enjoyed this post. We read us soon ;-)


New Year Eve's Outfit

I am very superstitious and sometimes a little bit paranoid and I put a lot of importance to my New Year Eve's outfit. Why? It's very simple. If I love my outfit, I feel really good with myself and for the last hours of the year / first hours of the new year, it's mentally very important for me because that can determine my entry to this new year. And I need this little things with me. Even if it seems very strange or creepy. And  here begins the 'big' problem for me: What I should wear the last day of the year? 

Normally I used to plan every single detail at the end of months ago but this time was so stressfull for me because I hadn't any time to plan anything. I knew just where we were going to spend the night. I have priorities but sometimes ( almost always ) my job goes first and I can't do anything about it and happened what I hate most: it was the last week of the year and I had no idea what I was going to wear ( just the shoes: my new glitter black Vans ). The week passed by really fast and until the last day, 30th, I didn't find my outfit. I was really insecure and not so happy if I am honest.

But I have to admit that the result was amazing and I was really comfortable and confident. It was the best combination that I needed yesterday.


I never though that a glitter body in a champagne tone and black chinos were a good combination for NYE. And of course with Vans. I know it would be better nude heels but I love dance and I wanted dance all night long and I couldn't with heels. And, what can I say? I love that glitter from the Vans and everyone was happy about it, like me.

I finished it with a black blazer that just made my outfit looks better and classy. I really liked that choice.

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you enjoyed this post. We read us soon ;-)


domingo, 1 de enero de 2017

Gold Dust

I've just read Capture Your Style from Aimee Song because I needed to renew myself. I thought about what I want to do with this, what I want with all this stuff (my blog, my Instagram)... If it's only like a hobby or it could be more.

I didn't hear about the book before and I was so curious that I bought it. And now my only thought is: Thanks God you did it. 

The book is about how you can grow your Instagram up. Doesn't matter if your Instagram is just a hobby, or business, or anything. And that, my friends, is the best. She is simply amazing and realistic (it was a thing that I liked too much). She helps you a lot step by step, from the beggining untill the end with tricks, advices, whatever you need to make it up. That opened my mind and I get inspired from the first page I read. She teachs you how to make your photos to get the best views, angles, lights... And shows you the best apps to edit your work. The language that she use is easy and understandable.

I put in practice all the little excersices that she mentioned and I can see the results in every picture I post on Instagram after that. Magic exists.

It helps to trust in yourself, in your hard work and everything you believe. Maybe I am wondering too much (as always), but I felt that. I really felt that I could do something productive with this.

From here I would to like to thank Aimee Song for her words and her support to everyone that, like me, want from their hobby, their job. 
After that, I have a lot ideas and I can't wait to make them real and share them with all of you. I was blocked and desperated but it really helped to go out from the "darkness" and shine again ;-)

If you love fashion as much as I do, you have to read the book. 

I know this time was a little bit short but I wanted to share this book and my feelings about it with you.

I hope you enjoyed this post. We read us soon ;-)