lunes, 13 de marzo de 2017

My Daily Routine

Hello everybody!

Today I will show you how is my daily routine. My skin is extremely dry and sensitive (with redness). That's why I need take care of it every moment.

We can start with mornings:

After breakfast, I wash my face and I use the SKINDRINK Facial Moisturiser from LUSH (picture down below). It hydrates perfectly my skin and is 100% organic. I LOVE IT. 
Then I use the High Definition Primer from NYX. I use it not for a long time ago but I really like how my skin looks like after it.

Now my skin is ready for make up. I've always used foundation but my  skin, apparently, isn't agree. So... I use just BB Cream, exactly the BB Cream (light skin) from Garnier. I am so happy with it; obsessed.

I don't use it everyday because I don't think that I really need it but, anyway, it's make up. After the BB Cream comes the Super Stay 24 concealer. I normally use it after a hard day of work or when I didn't sleep well.

When I am ready with this it's time to the Nude Illusion Loose Powder from Catrice. It is transluced powder and I put it under my eyes so my concealer last all day. They are really good.

Now I use another powder with a little bit of color (my skin is just too white). I have the Super Stay 24 Powder from Maybelline (I think mine is no more on store because I can't find it on the website).

After the powder I put directly my mascara (for work I don't like use a lot of make up). My daily mascara is also from Maybelline and it called Great Lash . I love it. I think that for everyday it is really good and so pigmented.

When I'm ready with my make up, I use the Makeup Setting Spray-Matte from NYX. It's the best for my make up and a day with a lot of work. My make up stays perfect all day and I really appreciate it.

And now I can go to work and do my best looking natural and perfect.

At night...

After a long day my skin is the worst thing ever. It needs hydratation and a lot of love and cares. The Lush products have all the things I search for my skin. They are organic and don't test with animals. So, PERFECT.

First, I remove my make up and then it's time to use the Angels Bare Skin cleanser. It's a solid cleanser. It's easy to use and after that my skin isn't dry. I use it everyday because it's not dangerous for my skin.

Then I use the Eau Roma Water spray also from Lush. It smells very well and feels so fresh in my skin. Sometimes I don't use the cleanser (it's okay when you have a 'rest' day) but I always use the spray. It's relaxing too.

And finally I use again the SKINDRINK  before I go to sleep. So my skin can take a rest after the day.

And then I am ready to go to sleep. :-)

I hope you enjoyed this post. We read us soon ;-)


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