domingo, 30 de julio de 2017

My Work Bag

Everyday we go to work and we need our essentials to survive another day.
I am out all day, it means that normally I take a lot with me (I always do, I am not gonna lie) and with a handbag is complicated. I HATE when my bag is too heavy or full.

I had this problem everyday, so I decided to buy a backpack. The question was: Which one?

I was searching one since months ago: it should be functional but cute because I wanted (and want) use it not just to go to work and that was the difficult part. But this week, I, finally, found it and I was (am) too excited that I wanted (want) to share it with all of you.

It was (is) love at first sight. 
Perfect size and enough pockets to keep everything organized. As you can see, it can be carried in two different ways; that means: functional.

The design is precious: flowers and birds in a classic print. I feel me so identificated with it... I just love it. 
Functional and cute; what can a fashionista like me ask for?
Now it is easier going to work and take all my stuff for the whole day with me. I don't feel it too heavy and I can use it everyday (and not just to work ;D)

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