domingo, 29 de enero de 2017

Weekend Haul

Hello everybody!
I am back with another post. I've never done a haul before but I wanted to show you the things I bought yesterday.

The first one is the lipstick from MAC 'Velvet Teddy'. I am obssesed with it. You can wear it everyday, everytime. Party, dinner, work... The color is natural and so beautiful. Honestly is one of my favourites lipsticks. ( 20€ )

I really appreciate Lush for it work and the idea of natural products without proving on animals. Their products are really amazing. I use them since not a long time ago but I'm sure I will use them longer. This exactly is the Charity Pott, it's a hand-body cream which smells to Vanilla and I am obssesed with it. My skin has always a lot of problems with beauty products but this one maintains my hands perfectly hidratated. ( 5€ )

I've never bought something from Fossil before but I needed a new clock and they have amazing sales there. I saw this pretty Gold-Rosé clock ( model Stella ) and I fell in love at the moment. And the best thing was the 20% extra sale. I couldn't resist and I get it for only 77,60€.

I have a small ( but perfect ) Michael Kors and the only problem that I have with it is that my 'everyday' wallet is too big for it ( I have just 2 wallets and they have the same size ) and I wanted one only for that handbag. I love the bags from Parfois and I saw this one with the same color that my MK and after thinking about it, I bought it for 14,99€.

Miracles exist and one of them it's called 'Take the day off' and is from Clinique. It's a cleaning balm. It takes your make up off without problems. You have to use your fingertips to massage the balm over your skin. Thanks Clinique for creating magic. ( 30,99€ )

I have to say I wasn't looking for a bag but sales are amazing and the destiny wanted too. There was a 40% extra sale and this bag was there. I couldn't resist and I get my first Valentino handbag ( model Damentas ). I think it is perfect for a dinner, a date with friends, shooping... It is very simply, and the colors are neutrals. You can wear it easily and it is a medium-small size. I love it. ( 38,99€ )

I hope you enjoyed this post. We read us soon ;-)


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