domingo, 8 de enero de 2017

My favorite Outfit for Winter

Yesterday I went to the cinema to finally watch Star Wars: Rogue One. Here in Germany it's really cold for a Spanich girl so, I had to find the best combination for the cold and not too warm to the cinema.
I didn't want too much complications, so I went for the easy way and took one of my favorite winter Outfits.

It's the most easy Outfit that I have for winter: an old nightshirt from Oysho that I use like a normal shirt, termo-leggings from Forever 21 ( sometimes I wear it with black high waist jeans ) and my winter boots from Deichmann ( a shoes shop that I really love here in Germany ).

My shirt is 3 or 4 years old and, of course, I didn't find it anymore but I have a lot of alternatives which you can use too.

My termo-leggins are from Forever 21, I bought it last year but there aren't anymore so, you can wear the original leggings. For example, this one is from Forever 21 too. I am so happy with them. They are really comfortable and it cost just 4€ .

And the best boots for winter are this babies from Deichmann. My feets are warm all day and they are really cute :-)

Sometimes I mix this Outfit with another shirt or another shoes and details:

Same shirt but another shoes. I wear my leather Vans Old Skool all black. I love them.

They are not the same one but are so similar. 

When I wear the Vans I really love to wear a socks that match with the shirt. My socks have a bow which you can see with the shoes but the important thing is matching the colors.

Mine are from Calzedonia so I tried to find some from the same place. They are the same but without the bow.

And finally, when it's too cold, I wear a beanie. I like wear them. I think they are cute and can get a better Outfit.

I am a freak about cats so, I really need this beanie from Forever 21. This one is from last year and you can't find it anymore ( frustrating ) but you can wear every black beanie that you want.

I like this one too. I think it's really cute and the pom-pom isn't real fur; that's important too.

That's all about my favorite winter Outfit.

I hope you enjoyed this post. We read us soon ;-)


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