domingo, 30 de octubre de 2016

What I Wear To Work ( Autumn Version )

Like the most of you, I have to work everyday to earn money, yes, adult life. But that's not a problem if you love or like your work. The real big problem is what I should wear to work ( at lest me ) if I want to be comfortable, cute, and decent ( more if you work for a clothes shop ). 
Sometimes, if I have enough time, I prepare everything before I go to sleep ( Monday to Wednesday is okay because I am not too tired but the biggest deal is Thursday to Saturday ) : normally I wear jeans because are so comfortable and you can wear them with almost everything. When I decided which jeans I will wear, arrives the difficult part: should I a t-shirt wear? Or a shirt? Or a sweater? Because it's cold outside but at work it's sometimes warm... I can literally one or two hours thinking ( yes, I know, I tend to think too much ) what is the best outfit to wear. When, finally, everything is ready, I just need two minutes to decide which shoes / sneakers I will wear. It's easy because sneakers are the most comfortable thing to work. 

After all this caos, appears some outfits that I really, really love:

Normally I am always so simply. Black jeans ( Forever 21 ) , one of my favorites shirts ( Forever 21 ) and my lovely sneakers ( Adidas Superstar ).

In Winter I am not so enthusiastic with my outfit but that's not mean that they're bad. Here I wore black termo leggins ( Forever 21 ) because I had enough with my jeans ( too cold ) and then a long burgundy shirt / dress ( Forever 21 ). This time with booties ( I bought them in Spain, in a local shop ) and a funny Owl necklace ( Accessorize ) that means a lot to me.

This is one of my favorites outfits. I am obsessed with this sweater ( Kookai ); it's back-free and sparkle. I really like it. I combined with ripped blue jeans ( Calzedonia ) and sneakers (Adidas Superstar). It's cute, comfortable and classy.

I remember this outfit. I tried to find the perfect outfit to work and after that drink something with my friends without come home. It was a little bit complicated but the result was very good, in my opinion, of course. Grey jeans ( Forever 21 ) with my old but still pretty turquoise sneakers ( Vans ) and a cute rosa t-shirt ( Only ) and a black kimono ( Forever 21 ), perfect to everyday and also to go out.

One of the most comfortable outfit that exists ( okay, I exaggerated too much, everyone knows that the piyama is the most comfortable oufit ever but this one almost too ). Black jeans ( Forever 21 ) combined with a thin grey sweater ( Forever 21 ) and a grey cardigan (Forever 21 -- You discovered where I work, right? :-P ) 

That's from two weeks ago. I bought that grey oversize sweater ( Pull&Bear ) in Spain; I felt in love at the moment I saw it. I really love the oversize sweaters and I am a big fan about they look like when I wear them. This one es too fluffy and the color is amazing. I wore it with black leggins ( Forever 21 ) and black sneakers ( Adidas ). But you can wear it with jeans or with panties too ( depent if it's so cold or not ). The neacklace ( Forever 21 ) gives a little bit of color and makes the outfit not boring.

This one is the top for these sunny autumn days. I love then it's cold but the sun is shinning because I am obsessed with jackets and cardigans and that way I can wear them everytime. This time I wanted light colors because the sun so, I wore blue jeans ( Forever 21 ) and a rosa long arm shirt ( Only ) with a jeans shirt ( Forever 21 ). It was colder as I though so, I wore a flower blue cardigan ( Zara ) and I was really happy about my decision. And always with my white-rosa ( yes, it's rosa but sometimes filters... you know ) sneakers ( Adidas Superstar).

I have a lot of outfits that I could show you but they are my favorites for this season. Sometimes it is really complicated for me to find a good combination but I enjoy doing it, so, I am always thinking about it. Always.

I hope you enjoyed this post. We read us soon ;-)

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