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How can I inspire me?

I am a person who is so hard to be inspired with. Sometimes I have some ideas in my head and I just forget it, yeah, that's me. I am always distracted but sometimes for something good.

When I look for inspiration, I look around me: all the details, the weather, my home... Everything around me. Sometimes you can see something that just you realize, it's like a talent or just dedication.
For example, I love colors. They can transmit you a lot of things and you can have a lot of ideas with them. 
If I have to talk about people.... It's a little difficult just think about one. My first inspiration since I was a kid is my mum, but not "fashion" role model. She is never interested about it. She doesn't follow trends, never, and I think that's the best thing I could learn from her. Doesn't matter if today you want wear heels and tomorrow sneakers or sport clothes and the same night, a perfect skin-thin dress. Just wear what you really want, what makes you feel like you can eat the whole world. Don't care if anyone still wears it or not. That is always in my mind when I buy clothes or wear them.

I don't have a role model; not exactly... I love taking little things from a lot of people. 
For example, if I'm in love whit the hair of some model, singer or someone that I saw another day on the street, I try to do the same, it's like some outfits... I can read a magazine and say: Oh my God! That's a great idea! But sometimes I like to sit in a coffee shop and just looking the people around me: how they were dressed, the little details from their outfits ... and I am really inspired then. There are people with a lot of talent out there.

But if I have to choose some famous people who atractts me, I think I have  three or four...

First of all, Coco Chanel. 

From nothing to one of the most famous fashion designer. She had a lot of problems in her life but they didn't stop her to go on her dreams and passions. First woman who showed how beautiful a woman can be wearing pants on the catwalk and the first to teach me that doesn't care what the people say about your work if you are proud about it. Who knows, maybe at the end, you get it ;-)

I have to say that I am really obsessed with Beyoncé.

It's more for her power to say or to do whatever she wants than for her style. Sometimes her outfits are too crazy or too much for me but I really appreciate how stronge she is to fight for all the women arroud the world ;-) And, why not, I love her music.

It was a long time ago but untill now I wasn't so focused on her.

I think everyone knows about Zoe Sugg, a.k.a. Zoella ( youtube , twitter , website , instagram ). She is so funny, real and naturla. I really appreciate how is she about everything. I feel very identified with her because we have the same problems ( anxiety, panic attacks... ) or the same decorative taste and I learned a lot watching her videos with my personal stuff and with my ambitions. For example, thanks to her I am ready to write again, like you can see :-) 

And, to end with the post I show you my latest inspiration, the Instagram blogger Jana ( @____vonkopfbisfuss ). 

She is a german blogger who, personally, I really follow. Her style is amazing with a lot of pastel colors and very easy to try with. Take a look to her Instagram account and get inspired.

I have other women who are present in my life, like Tara Lynn ( @taralynn ), one of the first Plus Supermodel who changes the rules of the fashion world. Don't forget: Love Your Body.

I hope you enjoyed this post. We read us soon ;-)

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